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Studying the Accuracy of Demand Generation from Mobile Phone Trajectories with Synthetic Data

Zilske, Michael; Nagel, Kai

We investigate replacing travel diaries with sets of call detail records (CDRs) as input data for an agent-oriented traffic simulation. Synthetic CDRs are used in order to study the effect of this substitution in isolation. We introduce an experimental design where a detailed synthetic transportation scenario with individual simulated travellers is combined with a simple model of mobile phone usage to collect synthetic CDRs. This set of artificial CDRs is then considered as input for another instance of the same traffic model, disregarding all other information. We analyse to what degree the model reproduces the base case, depending on the frequency of the available CDRs.
Published in: Procedia Computer Science, 10.1016/j.procs.2014.05.494, Elsevier