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BIM-SPEED D2.2 BIM Family ontologies

Pinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis; Hartmann, Timo

This research includes three ontological models covering different knowledge from the renovation projects field. The three ontologies comprise: the Reno-Inst Ontology: An ontology for installation of components in building renovation projects, LCA-C Ontology: An ontology for LCA/LCC assessments in renovation projects, and BEM-Reno Ontology: An ontology for BEM development in renovation projects. The ontologies aim at mapping a complete and minimal set of information required to support diverse tasks involved in specific renovation workflows related to planning activities, LCA/C assessments, and the development of building energy models for renovation. These ontological models can support the development of a shared understanding of the domains they represent and the development of future tools to automate and facilitate the collection, retrieval and inference of information, enhancing the performance of multiple building renovation activities.

Version History

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2020-10-30 10:14:07
The especification of a set of object properties in the three models was adjusted
2020-10-13 09:43:41