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High performance (VOx)(n)-( TiOx)(m)/SBA-15 catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane

Carrero, Carlos; Kauer, Markus; Dinse, Arne; Wolfram, Till; Hamilton, Neil; Trunschke, Annette; Schlögl, Robert; Schomäcker, Reinhard

Inst. Chemie

Grafted VxOy catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane (ODP) have been studied due to their potential high performance and as model catalysts in the past. We report on a positive synergetic effect capable of considerably enhancing the propene productivities above reported performances. The most productive catalysts were found at metal loadings (V + Ti) close to the monolayer coverage. The 4V/13Ti/SBA-15 catalyst presented a considerably high productivity (6–9 kgpropene kgcat−1 h−1). Moreover, with this catalyst, propene productivity only slightly decreased as a function of propane conversion, indicating that propene combustion toward COx occurs more slowly in comparison to other catalysts exhibiting high propene productivities. A detailed kinetic analysis of the 4V/13Ti/SBA-15 catalyst revealed that high vanadia and titania dispersions are required for high propene productivity.