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Synthesis of Silylated Cyclobutanone and Cyclobutene Derivatives Involving 1,4‐Addition of Zinc‐Based Silicon Nucleophiles

Cui, Ming; Oestreich, Martin

A copper‐catalyzed conjugate silylation of various cyclobutenone derivatives with Me2PhSiZnCl ⋅ 2LiCl or (Me2PhSi)2Zn ⋅ xLiCl (x≤4) to generate β‐silylated cyclobutanones is reported. Trapping the intermediate enolate with ClP(O)(OPh)2 affords silylated enol phosphates that can be further engaged in Kumada cross‐coupling reactions to yield silylated cyclobutene derivatives.
Published in: Chemistry – A European Journal, 10.1002/chem.202102993, Wiley