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Synthesis of Silylated Cyclobutanone and Cyclobutene Derivatives Involving 1,4‐Addition of Zinc‐Based Silicon Nucleophiles

Cui, Ming; Oestreich, Martin

FG Organische Chemie / Synthese und Katalyse

A copper‐catalyzed conjugate silylation of various cyclobutenone derivatives with Me2PhSiZnCl ⋅ 2LiCl or (Me2PhSi)2Zn ⋅ xLiCl (x≤4) to generate β‐silylated cyclobutanones is reported. Trapping the intermediate enolate with ClP(O)(OPh)2 affords silylated enol phosphates that can be further engaged in Kumada cross‐coupling reactions to yield silylated cyclobutene derivatives.