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A laboratory spectrometer for high throughput X-ray emission spectroscopy in catalysis research

Malzer, Wolfgang; Grötzsch, Daniel; Gnewkow, Richard; Schlesiger, Christopher; Kowalewski, Fabian; Van Kuiken, Benjamin; DeBeer, Serena; Kanngießer, Birgit

We have built a laboratory spectrometer for X-ray emission spectroscopy. The instrument is employed in catalysis research. The key component is a von Hamos full cylinder optic with Highly Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (HAPG) as a dispersive element. With this very efficient optic, the spectrometer subtends an effective solid angle of detection of around 1 msr, allowing for the analysis of dilute samples. The resolving power of the spectrometer is approximately E/ΔE = 4000, with an energy range of ∼2.3 keV–10 keV. The instrument and its characteristics are described herein. Further, a comparison with a prototype spectrometer, based on the same principle, shows the substantial improvement in the spectral resolution and energy range for the present setup. The paper concludes with a discussion of sample handling. A compilation of HAPG fundamentals and related publications are given in a brief Appendix.
Published in: Review of Scientific Instruments, 10.1063/1.5035171, American Institute of Physics (AIP)