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JMMP 2023, Supplement Table to Figure23: Event distribution and evaluation of process performance on the basis of discharge energies contributed by the respective event types

Yabroudi, Sami; Thißen, Kai; Penske, Wilhelm

Supplementary Table to Figure 23 within the Paper "Helical electrodes for electro-discharge drilling: Experimental and CFD-based analysis of the influence of internal and external flushing geometries on the process characteristics" containing the underlying data of the Figures, specifically - event distribution for all types of tool electrodes on the basis of signal analyses - mean discharge energy per event type - total discharge energy for the entire machining depth 12 mm ≤ dm ≤ 15 mm - total discharge energy split into its fractions - erosion duration for the machining depth 12 mm ≤ dm ≤ 15 mm.