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Chimeras in Multiplex Networks: Interplay of Inter- and Intra-Layer Delays

Sawicki, Jakub; Ghosh, Saptarshi; Jalan, Sarika; Zakharova, Anna

Time delay in complex networks with multiple interacting layers gives rise to special dynamics. We study the scenarios of time delay induced patterns in a three-layer network of FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators. The topology of each layer is given by a nonlocally coupled ring. For appropriate values of the time delay in the couplings between the nodes, we find chimera states, i.e., hybrid spatio-temporal patterns characterized by coexisting domains with incoherent and coherent dynamics. In particular, we focus on the interplay of time delay in the intra-layer and inter-layer coupling term. In the parameter plane of the two delay times we find regions where chimera states are observed alternating with coherent dynamics. Moreover, in the presence of time delay we detect full and relay inter-layer synchronization.
Published in: Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 10.3389/fams.2019.00019, Frontiers Media