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Hybrid environments for universities

a shared commitment to campus innovation and sustainability

Ninnemann, Katja; Liedtke, Bettina; den Heijer, Alexandra; Gothe, Kerstin; Loidl-Reisch, Cordula; Nenonen, Suvi; Nestler, Jonathan; Tieva, Åse; Wallenborg, Christian

This publication is the result of an international and interdisciplinary expert meeting at Technische Universität Berlin, in March 2020. The aim of the expert meeting was to collaboratively write and publish a book, within five days, on the central question: Which organizational structures and processes at universities support a strategic as well as innovative campus development? As experts with an interdisciplinary background including the social sciences, public real estate, urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture, we could examine the question from a holistic perspective and gain new insights. The resulting manifesto states necessary steps and strategies to create innovative and sustainable hybrid environments for universities. It addresses all decision makers – executives, practitioners and contributors alike – as all of us face the challenge of limited resources and needing to do more with less.