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On New Forms of Science Communication and Communication in Science: A Videographic Approach to Visuality in Science Slams and Academic Group Talk

Wilke, René; Hill, Miira

In this article, we focus on the communicative character of visuality and visual representations (“visuals”) in transdisciplinary science communication (science slams) and interdisciplinary communication within science (group talks). We propose a methodology for the study of visuality and the use of visuals as communicative actions. Both unfold within a triadic structure of social actors and the objectivations they (re-)produce. Therefore, we combine the approach of videography and focused ethnography. This research design allows not only putting actions under an audiovisual microscope but also to combine ethnographic knowledge stemming from fieldwork with the audiovisual analysis in front of screens. Using data from our empirical fields (science communication in science slams as well as communication within science in group talks), we illustrate the vital role of visuality of new practices in the communicative construction of (scientific) reality. In doing so, we also emphasize the importance of audiovisual methods for qualitative empirical social research today.
Published in: Qualitative Inquiry, 10.1177/1077800418821531, SAGE
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