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A customized multispectral needle probe combined with a virtual photometric setup for in vivo detection of Lewis lung carcinoma in an animal model

Braun, Frank; Schalk, Robert; Nachtmann, Marcel; Hien, Andreas; Frank, Rudolf; Beuermann, Thomas; Methner, Frank-Jürgen; Kränzlin, Bettina; Rädle, Matthias; Gretz, Norbert

Optical systems applied for tissue analysis are primarily based on single spectroscopic techniques. This paper however presents a multispectral backscattering sensor designed for in vivo application by a specially formed probe tip which allows side by side monitoring of ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and fluorescence spectra. The practical applicability of the measurement system was demonstrated in vitro (muscle and adipose tissue) and in vivo in an animal model (mouse). By comparing associated measuring changes in biochemical, physical-morphological and colorimetric values this procedure allows a differentiation between healthy, marginal and malignant tissue.
Published in: Measurement Science and Technology, 10.1088/1361-6501/ab24a1, IOP