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Quantitative phenotypic screens of Aspergillus niger mutants in solid and liquid culture

Cairns, Timothy; Zheng, Xiaomei; Feurstein, Claudia; Zheng, Ping; Sun, Jibin; Meyer, Vera

This protocol describes procedures for quantifying Aspergillus niger growth in both solid and liquid culture. Firstly, by comparing radial growth between mutant and progenitor isolates on solid agar supplemented with sublethal stressors, susceptibility coefficients can be calculated. Secondly, analysis of macromorphological growth types in liquid culture allows full quantification of how a gene of interest affects submerged growth. By combining these assays, an extensive and quantitative dataset of how a gene of interest impacts growth in this fungus is possible.
Published in: STAR Protocols, 10.1016/j.xpro.2022.101883, Elsevier