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Integrating explicit parking search into a transport simulation

Bischoff, Joschka; Nagel, Kai

Explicit parking search is not widely integrated into transport simulation and transport models. In this paper, the integration of a parking search simulation into MATSim (Multi-Agent Transport Simulation) is demonstrated. This includes the integration into the agent's simulation logic using within-day re-planning methodology, a separation up of car trips into several segments for each stage of the trip, a parking search behavior and a data structure for parking infrastructure. The parking search model is applied in a case study for an area in Berlin, Germany. Compared to a standard simulation without parking search, results suggests that parking search traffic sums up to 20 per cent of the overall traffic in a residential area and has a significant impact on the overall travel times of agents traveling by car.
Published in: Procedia Computer Science, 10.1016/j.procs.2017.05.414, Elsevier