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Convergence of Discrete Period Matrices and Discrete Holomorphic Integrals for Ramified Coverings of the Riemann Sphere

Bobenko, Alexander I.; Bücking, Ulrike

We consider the class of compact Riemann surfaces which are ramified coverings of the Riemann sphere C^. Based on a triangulation of this covering we define discrete (multivalued) harmonic and holomorphic functions. We prove that the corresponding discrete period matrices converge to their continuous counterparts. In order to achieve an error estimate, which is linear in the maximal edge length of the triangles, we suitably adapt the triangulations in a neighborhood of every branch point. Finally, we also prove a convergence result for discrete holomorphic integrals for our adapted triangulations of the ramified covering.
Published in: Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry, 10.1007/s11040-021-09394-2, Springer Nature