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Fabrication of dense diameter-tuned quantum dot micropillar arrays for applications in photonic information processing

Heuser, Tobias; Große, Jan; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Brunner, Daniel; Reitzenstein, Stephan

We report on the realization of a dense, large-scale array of 900 quantum dot micropillar cavities with high spectral homogeneity. We target applications in photonic information processing such as optical reservoir computing which can be implemented in large arrays of optically coupled microlasers. To achieve the required spectral homogeneity for the underlying optical injection locking, we calculate and set the diameter of each individual micropillar within the array during the fabrication process by taking the diameter-dependent emission wavelength of the microcavities into account. Using this kind of diameter adjustment, we improve the overall wavelength homogeneity in a 30 × 30 micropillar array by 64% and reduce the standard deviation of the resonance energy distribution by 26% from 352 μeV in the planar unprocessed sample to 262 μeV in the fabricated array. In addition, we present a detailed analysis of the device quality and the diameter control of the micropillar’s emission wavelength, which includes important information for the effective application of the developed fabrication method for the realization of highly homogeneous micropillar arrays in the future.
Published in: APL photonics, 10.1063/1.5050669, American Institute of Physics (AIP)