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Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference 2018

Popov, Artem; Westerfeld, Stefan; Subia Valdez, José Rafael; Herzke, Tobias; Kayser, Hendrik; Seifert, Christopher; Maanen, Paul; Obbard, Christopher; Payá-Vayá, Guillermo; Blume, Holger; Hohmann, Volker; McCurry, Mark; Guillot, Pierre; Goltz, Florian; Kuhr, Christoph; Carôt, Alexander; Adriaensen, Fons; Weaver, Paul; Honour, David; von Coler, Henrik (Editor); Neumann, Frank (Editor); Runge, David (Editor)

These proceedings contain all papers presented at the Linux Audio Conference 2018. The conference took place at c-base, Berlin, from June 7th - 10th, 2018 and was organized in cooperation with the Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin.