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A Numerical Implementation of the Soret Effect in Drying Processes

Häussling Löwgren, Bartolomeus; Bergmann, Julius; Alves-Filho, Odilio

Drying of porous media is strictly governed by heat and mass transfer. However, contrary to the definition that drying is simultaneous transport mechanisms of heat and mass, most past and current models either account for temperature or concentration gradient effects on drying. Even though the complexity of computations of these processes varies with area of application, in most cases, the Dufour and Soret effects are neglected. This leads to deviations and uncertainties on the assumptions and interpretations of these and other relevant effects on drying. This paper covers the theoretical methods to derive the coupled transfer effects. In addition, this work proposes and formulates relevant heat and mass transfer equations, as well as the governing equations for drying processes with Dufour and Soret effects. The application of a numerical approach to solve the equations allows for studying of the influence of these effects on the design and operation of dryers. It is shown that the Soret effect can be highly relevant on drying operations with dynamic heating operation. While for drying processes where the steady state drying process predominates, the effect is deemed negligible.
Published in: ChemEngineering, 10.3390/chemengineering4010013, MDPI