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Effect of Process Variables on Microstructure, Flow, and Tensile Properties of Nickel‐Based Superalloys with Designed Porous Structures Manufactured by Laser‐Based Powder Bed Fusion

Albert, Johannes; Purschke, Simon; Fleck, Claudia

The nickel-based superalloys Haynes 282 and Inconel 625 are processed using laser-based powder bed fusion of metals (PBF-LB/M) to manufacture designed materials (DMs) with configurable open-porous morphology. Such structures can be utilized in large gas turbines, for example, as high-frequency dampers, heat exchangers, and for transpiration cooling features. This research investigates the effects of the applied volume energy input and laser deflection angle (as calculated by position) on the macro- and microstructure and tensile and flow properties of DMs made from Haynes 282. Furthermore, a novel combination of DMs and cubic lattice structures made from Inconel 625 has been investigated regarding potential improvements. The substantial interface between the two features, DM and lattice structure, is visually analyzed using microcomputed tomography. The analysis of the hierarchical DMs reveals that the combination of lattice structures and DMs is manufacturable and has benefits in terms of mechanical strength while having less significant effects on flow properties.
Published in: Advanced Engineering Materials, 10.1002/adem.202300006, Wiley-VCH