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Robust and ultrafast state preparation by ramping artificial gauge potentials

Wang, Botao; Dong, Xiao-Yu; Ünal, F Nur; Eckardt, André

The implementation of static artificial magnetic fields in ultracold atomic systems has become a powerful tool, e.g. for simulating quantum-Hall physics with charge-neutral atoms. Taking an interacting bosonic flux ladder as a minimal model, we investigate protocols for adiabatic state preparation via magnetic flux ramps. Considering the fact that it is actually the artificial vector potential (in the form of Peierls phases) that can be experimentally engineered in optical lattices, rather than the magnetic field, we find that the time required for adiabatic state preparation dramatically depends on which pattern of Peierls phases is used. This can be understood intuitively by noting that different patterns of time-dependent Peierls phases that all give rise to the same magnetic field ramp, generally lead to different artificial electric fields during the ramp. As an intriguing result, we find that an optimal choice allows for preparing the ground state almost instantaneously in the non-interacting system, which can be related to the concept of counterdiabatic driving. Remarkably, we find extremely short preparation times also in the strongly-interacting regime. Our findings open new possibilities for robust state preparation in atomic quantum simulators.
Published in: New Journal of Physics, 10.1088/1367-2630/abf9b2, IOP