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Hyperbolic generalized triangle groups, property (T) and finite simple quotients

Caprace, Pierre‐Emmanuel; Conder, Marston; Kaluba, Marek; Witzel, Stefan

We construct several series of explicit presentations of infinite hyperbolic groups enjoying Kazhdan's property (T). Some of them are significantly shorter than the previously known shortest examples. Moreover, we show that some of those hyperbolic Kazhdan groups possess finite simple quotient groups of arbitrarily large rank; they constitute the first‐known specimens combining those properties. All the hyperbolic groups we consider are non‐positively curved k‐fold generalized triangle groups, that is, groups that possess a simplicial action on a CAT(0) triangle complex, which is sharply transitive on the set of triangles, and such that edge‐stabilizers are cyclic of order k. Appendices A, B and C are provided separately as supplementary material with the published article.
Published in: Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 10.1112/jlms.12668, Wiley