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ACT-R model: "Modeling of Visual Search and Influence of Item Similarity"

Lindner, Stefan; Rußwinkel, Nele; Ahrlt, Lennart; Neufeld, Max; Schattenhofer, Lukas

A modeling approach addressing visual search in an array of items of differing similarity is introduced. The model is able to capture the effects found in a study that varies target-distractor similarity (low vs. high), distractor-distractor similarity (low vs. high) of icons, target presence (present vs. absent) and the set size (8, 16 or 24 icons). To be able to simulate human visual search in such a task with original ACT-R mechanisms we implemented a hybrid search strategy that combines parallel and serial search. The presented model can provide useful insight for researchers interested in modeling tasks containing visual icon search.

Version History

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2017-07-24 12:18:02
Originally uploaded an erronous version of the model. The new file is the working and commented model.
2017-06-23 11:29:24