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A one-point calibration design for hybrid eye typing interface

Zeng, Zhe; Neuer, Elisabeth Sumithra; Roetting, Matthias; Siebert, Felix Wilhelm

We present an eye typing interface with one-point calibration, which is a two-stage design. The characters are clustered in groups of four characters. Users select a cluster by gazing at it in the first stage and then select the desired character by following its movement in the second stage. A user study was conducted to explore the impact of auditory and visual feedback on typing performance and user experience of this novel interface. Results show that participants can quickly learn how to use the system, and an average typing speed of 4.7 WPM can be reached without lengthy training. The subjective data of participants revealed that users preferred visual feedback over auditory feedback while using the interface. The user study indicates that this eye typing interface can be used for walk-up-and-use interactions, as it is easily understood and robust to eye-tracking inaccuracies. Potential areas of application, as well as possibilities for further improvements, are discussed.
Published in: International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 10.1080/10447318.2022.2101186, Taylor & Francis