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Integrating BDI agents into a MATSim simulation

Padgham, Lin; Nagel, Kai; Singh, Dhirendra; Chen, Qingyu

MATSim is a mature and powerful traffic simulator, used for large scale traffic simulations, primarily to assess likely results of various infrastructure or road network changes. More recently there has been work to extend MATSim to allow its use in applications requiring what has been referred to as "within day replanning". In the work described here we have coupled MATSim with a BDI (Belief Desire Intention) system to allow both more extensive modelling of the agent's decision making, as well as reactivity to environmental situations. The approach used allows for all agents to be "intelligent" or for some to be "intelligent"/reactive, while others operate according to plans that are static within a single day. The former is appropriate for simulations such as a bushfire evacuation, where all agents will be reacting to the changing environment. The latter is suited to introducing agents such as taxis into a standard MATSim simulation, as they cannot realistically have a predetermined plan, but must constantly respond to the current situation. We have prototype applications for both bushfire evacuation and taxis. By extending the capabilities of MATSim to allow agents to respond intelligently to changes in the environment, we facilitate the use of MATSim in a wide range of simulation applications. The work also opens the way for MATSim to be used alongside other simulation components, in a simulation integrating multiple components.
Published in: ECAI 2014 : 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 18-22 August 2014, Prague, Czech Republic ; including Prestigious applications of intelligent systems (PAIS 2014) ; proceedings, 10.3233/978-1-61499-419-0-681, IOS Press