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Semi‐active ℋ∞ damping optimization by adaptive interpolation

Tomljanović, Zoran; Voigt, Matthias

In this work we consider the problem of semi‐active damping optimization of mechanical systems with fixed damper positions. Our goal is to compute a damping that is locally optimal with respect to the ℋ∞‐norm of the transfer function from the exogenous inputs to the performance outputs. We make use of a new greedy method for computing the ℋ∞‐norm of a transfer function based on rational interpolation. In this paper, this approach is adapted to parameter‐dependent transfer functions. The interpolation leads to parametric reduced‐order models that can be optimized more efficiently. At the optimizers we then take new interpolation points to refine the reduced‐order model and to obtain updated optimizers. In our numerical examples we show that this approach normally converges fast and thus can highly accelerate the optimization procedure. Another contribution of this work is heuristics for choosing initial interpolation points.
Published in: Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 10.1002/nla.2300, Wiley