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Graphene Quantum Dots as Flourishing Nanomaterials for Bio-Imaging, Therapy Development, and Micro-Supercapacitors

Kortel, Merve; Mansuriya, Bhargav D.; Vargas Santana, Nicole; Altintas, Zeynep

Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are considerably a new member of the carbon family and shine amongst other members, thanks to their superior electrochemical, optical, and structural properties as well as biocompatibility features that enable us to engage them in various bioengineering purposes. Especially, the quantum confinement and edge effects are giving GQDs their tremendous character, while their heteroatom doping attributes enable us to specifically and meritoriously tune their prospective characteristics for innumerable operations. Considering the substantial role offered by GQDs in the area of biomedicine and nanoscience, through this review paper, we primarily focus on their applications in bio-imaging, micro-supercapacitors, as well as in therapy development. The size-dependent aspects, functionalization, and particular utilization of the GQDs are discussed in detail with respect to their distinct nano-bio-technological applications.
Published in: Micromachines, 10.3390/mi11090866, MDPI