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Thin‐layer inertial effects in plasticity and dynamics in the Prandtl problem

Georgievskii, Dmitri V.; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Abali, Bilen Emek

Especially in metal forming, large plastic deformation occurs in thin plates. The problem of compressing dies is analyzed to evaluate the spreading of a thin layer in between. The velocity of dies is a given function in time so that the kinematics of the process is known. This problem can be considered as a generalization of the classical Prandtl problem by taking inertial effects into account and introducing dimensionless parameters as internal variables depending on time. The first parameter is purely geometric corresponding to the thin‐layer approximation; the second and the third parameters are dimensionless velocity and acceleration during the dies getting pressed. We use singular asymptotic expansions of unknown functions and study how these parameters vary preceding the dies of moment. Depending on this relation, the dynamic corrections to the quasistatic solution is a part of various terms of the asymptotic series. The corresponding analytical investigation both for general case and for particular typical regimes of plates motion is carried out.
Published in: ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 10.1002/zamm.201900184, Wiley