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Design Parameters of Vortex Pumps: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental Studies

Gerlach, Angela; Thamsen, Paul Uwe; Wulff, Sebastian; Brix Jacobsen, Christian

Vortex pumps can impel solid-containing fluids and are therefore widely applied, from wastewater transport to the food industry. Despite constant efforts to improve vortex pumps, however, they have remained relatively inefficient compared to conventional centrifugal pumps. To find an optimized design of vortex pumps, this paper provides a systematic analysis on experimental studies that investigated how variations in geometric parameters influence vortex pump characteristics, in particular the pump head, the pressure coefficient and the efficiency for best point operation. To this end, an extensive literature search was conducted, and eighteen articles with 53 primary investigations were identified and meta-integrated. This showed that it is not yet clarified how vortex pumps operate. Two different assumptions of the underlying operating principle of a vortex pump lead to diverging design principles. From the results of this meta-analysis, we deduce recommendations for a more efficient design of a vortex pump and emphasize further aspects on the underlying operating principle of a vortex pump.
Published in: Energies, 10.3390/en10010058, MDPI