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Perspectives and ambitions of interdisciplinary connectivity researchers

Paton, Eva Nora; Smetanová, Anna; Krueger, Tobias; Parsons, Anthony

The article reviews research perspectives and ambitions of connectivity scientists in order to facilitate and improve joint connectivity research efforts across disciplinary boundaries. The assessment of four very different viewpoints (pragmatic, conceptual, epistemological and ontological) on connectivity signifies the diversity of thought and practice in the connectivity community and calls for a structured way to ensure mutual understanding in collaborative settings. The shared mental model approach is introduced with an exploratory case study as a way to overcome persistent barriers in understanding by identifying gaps and overlaps of individual researchers' perspectives and knowledge that should help improve collaboration in this interdisciplinary environment.
Published in: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 10.5194/hess-23-537-2019, Copernicus Publications