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Urban qualities for dense mixed-use spaces. Theses, case studies and a toolbox for integrated tangible urban planning.

Schuchert, Christian Lars; Schwehr, Peter; Gabriel, Ben

The built environment is under pressure. Climate change, migration and social inequalities challenge previous urban planning concepts and will change our cities. The task is to transform the sustainable city of the future into a climate-friendly and socially just living space. Solving these challenges requires an integrated quality discourse with all actors based on tangible structural-spatial situations. In the BBSR research project “Qualities of Urban Zones”, contributions for an early in-depth quality discourse were developed based on the new building zone category “urban zones”. Urban zones are regarded as a future-oriented concept for sustainable densified districts and a diverse, ever-changing mix of uses. This paper presents the specific context and main findings as “theses of urban quality” as well as potential applications for MU. The authors propose guidelines to improve process quality and illustrate exemplary tangible structural-spatial as well as process-related “design elements”. A toolbox with instructions and templates to design and implement scenario-based workshops supports an integrated quality discourse in urban development.
Published in: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 10.1088/1755-1315/1078/1/012086, IOP