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Lamé curve approximation for the assessment of the 3D temperature distribution in keyhole mode welding processes

Artinov, Antoni; Karkhin, Victor; Bakir, Nasim; Meng, Xiangmeng; Bachmann, Marcel; Gumenyuk, Andrey; Rethmeier, Michael

A novel approach for the reconstruction of an equivalent volumetric heat source from a known weld pool shape is proposed. It is based on previously obtained weld pool geometries from a steady-state thermo-fluid dynamics simulation. Hereby, the weld pool dimensions are obtained under consideration of the most crucial physical phenomena, such as phase transformations, thermo-capillary convection, natural convection, and temperature-dependent material properties. The algorithm provides a time and calibration efficient way for the reproduction of the weld pool shape by local Lamé curves. By adjusting their parameters, the identification of the finite elements located within the weld pool is enabled. The heat input due to the equivalent heat source is assured by replacing the detected nodes' temperature by the melting temperature. The model offers variable parameters making it flexible and adaptable for a wide range of workpiece thicknesses and materials and allows for the investigation of transient thermal effects, e.g., the cooling stage of the workpiece. The calculation times remain acceptably short especially when compared to a fully coupled process simulation. The computational results are in good agreement with performed complete-penetration laser beam welding experiments.
Published in: Journal of Laser Applications, 10.2351/7.0000076, Laser Institute of America (LIA), American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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