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Discovering and interpreting audio media generation units: A typological-praxeological approach to the mediatization of everyday music listening

Lepa, Steffen; Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin; Weinzierl, Stefan

To deal with methodological challenges, which confront current mediatization research due to the ongoing digitalization of media, we suggest a mixed methods approach that is an adopted form of media repertoire analysis based on the generation unit concept of Karl Mannheim. Essentially, we propose that discovery and life cycle analysis of culturally meaningful media generation units may be achieved by ‘quantitative’ media repertoire studies on the societal level. However, interpretation of underlying orientation patterns, which explain empirically observed emergence, decline and metamorphoses of media generation units should be realized on micro level by reconstructive ‘qualitative’ methodologies that are able to differentiate between generational identity and generational habitus in the spirit of praxeological sociology of knowledge. Our critical-realist approach is demonstrated by a latent class analysis of Germans’ audio media repertoires in 2012 and extracts of the documentary analysis of verbal material from narrative interviews with selected media generation unit members.
Published in: Participations : Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, Dep. of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, Univ. of Wales