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Building Renovation with BIM: 5. Renovation work visualization with 4D BIM

Hartmann, Timo; Verghese, Sharon Susan

This book is providing a practical guide to implement BIM on renovation projects. To this end, its main focuses is to present practical BIM application process guides and illustrate these guides using practical use cases of renovation project activities. The BIM applications and use cases represent some of the major practical and proven applications that we developed and demonstrated on the large European Union funded research and innovation project BIM-Speed that we worked on between 2018 and 2022. On this four year research project we were able to develop more than 25 different use cases and apply them on ten demonstration projects across Europe. We summarize these use cases within the book’s core section. The book also tries to address some of the wider problems and opportunities of renovation projects related to BIM. This section for example will continue to provide a general framework to structure and manage renovation projects. Based on this framework this section will provide some general guidelines and reflections for implementing BIM. A focus will be given on the overall life-cycle of building renovation projects, existing specifies of contexts and stakeholders on these projects, and on typical technical challenges that renovation projects face. The book provides a deeper understanding about these three aspects in relation to how they influence digitization and BIM implementation in particular.