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Model-Based State-of-Charge and State-of-Health Estimation Algorithms Utilizing a New Free Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Dataset for Benchmarking Purposes

Neupert, Steven; Kowal, Julia

State estimation for lithium-ion battery cells has been the topic of many publications concerning the different states of a battery cell. They often focus on a battery cell’s state of charge (SOC) or state of health (SOH). Therefore, this paper introduces, on the one hand, a new lithium-ion battery dataset with dynamic validation data over degradation and, on the other hand, a model-based SOC and SOH estimation based on this dataset as a reference. An unscented Kalman-filter-based approach was used for SOC estimation and extended with a holistic ageing model to handle the SOH estimation. The paper describes the dataset, the models, the parameterisation, the implementation of the state estimations, and their validation using parts of the dataset, resulting in SOC and SOH estimations over the entire battery life. The results show that the dataset can be used to extract parameters, design models based on it, and validate it with dynamically degraded battery cells. The work provides an approach and dataset for better performance evaluations, applicability, and reliability investigations.
Published in: Batteries, 10.3390/batteries9070364, MDPI