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Data for Fish Stock Assessment Obtained from the CMSY Algorithm for all Global FAO Datasets

Hélias, Arnaud

Assessing the state of fish stocks requires the determination of descriptors. They correspond to the absolute and relative (to the carrying capacity of the habitat) fish biomasses in the ecosystem, and the absolute and relative (to the intrinsic growth rate of the population) fishing mortality resulting from catches. This allows, among other things, to compare the catch with the maximum sustainability yield. Some fish stocks are well described and monitored, but for many data-limited stocks, catch time series are remaining the only source of data. Recently, an algorithm (CMSY) has been proposed, allowing an estimation of stock assessment variables from catch and resilience. In this paper, we provide stock reference points for all global fisheries reported by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) major fishing area for almost 5000 fish stocks. These data come from the CMSY algorithm for 42% of the stock (75% of the global reported fish catch) and are estimated by aggregated values for the remaining 58%.
Published in: Data, 10.3390/data4020078, MDPI