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Controlled Coherent Coupling in a Quantum Dot Molecule Revealed by Ultrafast Four-Wave Mixing Spectroscopy

Wigger, Daniel; Schall, Johannes; Deconinck, Marielle; Bart, Nikolai; Mrowiński, Paweł; Krzykowski, Mateusz; Gawarecki, Krzysztof; von Helversen, Martin; Schmidt, Ronny; Bremer, Lucas; Bopp, Frederik; Reuter, Dirk; Wieck, Andreas D.; Rodt, Sven; Renard, Julien; Nogues, Gilles; Ludwig, Arne; Machnikowski, Paweł; Finley, Jonathan J.; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Kasprzak, Jacek

Semiconductor quantum dot molecules are considered promising candidates for quantum technological applications due to their wide tunability of optical properties and coverage of different energy scales associated with charge and spin physics. While previous works have studied the tunnel-coupling of the different excitonic charge complexes shared by the two quantum dots by conventional optical spectroscopy, we here report on the first demonstration of a coherently controlled interdot tunnel-coupling focusing on the quantum coherence of the optically active trion transitions. We employ ultrafast four-wave mixing spectroscopy to resonantly generate a quantum coherence in one trion complex, transfer it to and probe it in another trion configuration. With the help of theoretical modeling on different levels of complexity, we give an instructive explanation of the underlying coupling mechanism and dynamical processes.
Published in: ACS Photonics, 10.1021/acsphotonics.3c00108, American Chemical Society