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Progress in Short Wavelength Energy-Efficient High-Speed Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers for Data Communication

Tian, Si-Cong; Ahamed, Mansoor; Bimberg, Dieter

The current progress of energy-efficient high-speed VCSELs based on GaAs substrates is presented. Novel approaches for the design of VCSELs are presented, potentially leading to larger bandwidth bit rates and lower power consumption. The first approach is based on the optimization of the VCSEL photon lifetime. The second one introduces a novel design based on oxidizing the apertures from multiple etched holes of varying geometries. These designs are also essential for improving the energy efficiency of future modules by optimizing the match of the electronic driver and the photonic device.
Published in: Photonics, 10.3390/photonics10040410, MDPI