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Spectral neutron tomography

Tran, Khanh Van; Woracek, Robin; Kardjilov, Nikolay; Markötter, Henning; Hilger, A.; Kockelmann, W.; Kelleher, Joe; Puplampu, Stephen; Penumadu, Dayakar; Tremsin, A. S.; Banhart, John; Manke, Ingo

Combined three-dimensional (3D) mapping of (micro-)structures with elemental and crystalline phase variations is of significant importance for the characterization of materials. Neutron wavelength selective imaging is a spectral imaging technique that exploits unique contrast differences e.g. for mapping dissimilar elemental, isotope, or phase compositions, and has the particular advantage of being applicable to sample volumes on the meso- and macroscale. While being mostly applied as radiography (2D) so far, we herein report that the extension to tomography allows for the display of the full spectral information for every voxel and in 3D. The development is supported by example data from a continuous as well as a pulsed neutron source. As a practical example, we collected 4D data sets (3D + spectral) of plastically deformed metastable stainless steel and herein demonstrate an improved quantification strategy for crystalline phase fractions. These exemplary results illustrate that localized phase transformations can be quantified even in complex geometries within centimeter-sized samples, and we will discuss the limits and future prospects of the technique that is not limited to crystalline materials.
Published in: Materials Today Advances, 10.1016/j.mtadv.2021.100132, Elsevier