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The Digitalization of Motion Picture Production and Its Value Chain Implications

Schulz, Anne; Eder, Amelie; Tiberius, Victor; Solorio, Samantha Casas; Fabro, Manuela; Brehmer, Nataliia

Technological change and development have been ongoing in the motion picture industry since its beginnings some 125 years ago. What further advancements of digitalization can be expected over the next decade and what are its implications for the industry’s value chain? To answer this question, we conducted an international two-stage Delphi study. The results suggested a more frequent use of smartphones as cameras, the emergence of full digital film sets and digital star avatars, as well as advancements in VR-based and interactive movies. The findings imply challenges for traditional players in the motion picture value chain. Production technology becomes both simpler and more complex, leading to the threat of new entrants.
Published in: Journalism and Media, 10.3390/journalmedia2030024, MDPI