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Supporting the Last Planner System with 4D BIM

Ortenburger, Selin; Hartmann, Timo

Both Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction are able to optimize the scheduling efficiency of a project by using a BIM 4D model or the Last Planner® System (LPS) which is a scheduling tool for Lean Construction. So far both methods have mainly been implemented separately, even though both share many similar aspects. This paper reports on a retrospective study of a recent project in Berlin, Germany, during which only the LPS was applied to plan the construction work. By using the real schedules from the LPS and creating a retrospective 4D BIM model of the building by using data and plans from the project, it was possible to evaluate how 4D models could have helped planners to circumvent problems that occurred during the LPS process in retrospect. The retrospective case study shows that there is a high likelihood that planners could have been able to mitigate most of the problems that were observed during the project if they would have combined their LPS effort with a 4D BIM implementation.