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A Fully Open Source Remote Laboratory for Practical Learning

Letowski, Bastien; Lavayssière, Camille; Larroque, Benoît; Schröder, Martin; Luthon, Franck

Nowadays, communication and web services are part of our lives, including education, and e-learning applications are used more and more. However, teaching in engineering sciences requires an important amount of practical experiments. Hence, remote laboratories are an attractive solution, offering new tools for both teachers and learners. Our objective is to propose a fully open source remote laboratory for generic practice, in all fields of engineering education or applied sciences. This work is based on an open source Supervisory Control and a Data Acquisition platform programmed with Python. Interoperability is one of the main issues considered here to ensure a wide compatibility with multi-communication protocols and multi-instruments used in practical labwork.
Published in: Electronics, 10.3390/electronics9111832, MDPI