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Low‐Temperature Correlation of Property Data for Dilute Aqueous Lithium Bromide Solution

Fleßner, Christian; Thraen, Leonard; Ziegler, Felix

A new correlation for some transport properties of aqueous solutions, based on the data published by Sawada et al. [1], is proposed. The main objective of the new fit is to give a smooth transition to the properties of pure water to allow the use of the fit in the region of very dilute solutions. Additionally, the quality of the fit to the experimental data is improved compared to the original correlation. An extrapolation of the new correlation in the other direction, i.e., to higher mass fractions and temperatures, is smooth but does not fully capture the trend described by other experimental datasets. To this end, the correlation has to be refined further.
Published in: Chemical Engineering & Technology, 10.1002/ceat.202100209, Wiley