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Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Degradation Data Set

Neupert, Steven

The data set provided is a degradation of an LGHE4 18650 battery cell data set. It consists of 30 cells that have undergone cyclic degradation at different stress factors. Temperatures of 25°C, 45°C and 23°C, Depth of Discharges of 100%, 30% and 70%, and mean State-of-Charges (SOC) of 50%, 35%, and 65% were the used stress factors. Two of the cells are aged with dynamic profiles deduced from the Federal Urban Driving Schedule (FUDS) using the Random Pulse Method. The cycling of the cells is interrupted every 10 full cycle equivalents for a capacity check and irregularly for a general check-up consisting of a capacity check, an open circuit voltage measurement and pulse tests at different SOCs. The check-ups are measured at the specific ageing temperature. The data set is especially useful for developing SOC and State-of-Health (SOH) algorithms because it includes two dynamically aged cells.