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A rough path perspective on renormalization

Bruned, Y.; Chevyrev, I.; Friz, Peter K.; Preiß, Rosa Lili Dora

We develop the algebraic theory of rough path translation. Particular attention is given to the case of branched rough paths, whose underlying algebraic structure (Connes-Kreimer, Grossman-Larson) makes it a useful model case of a regularity structure in the sense of Hairer. Pre-Lie structures are seen to play a fundamental rule which allow a direct understanding of the translated (i.e. renormalized) equation under consideration. This construction is also novel with regard to the algebraic renormalization theory for regularity structures due to Bruned–Hairer–Zambotti (2016), the links with which are discussed in detail.
Published in: Journal of Functional Analysis, 10.1016/j.jfa.2019.108283, Elsevier