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The Shahre Javan Community Detailed Plan

Planning for a Climate Responsive and Sustainable Iranian Urban Quarter

Pahl-Weber, Elke; Seelig, Sebastian; Ohlenburg, Holger; Demuth, Bernd; Khodabakhsh, Peyman; Fathejalali, Arman; Pakzad, Jahansha; Wehage, Philipp; Nagel, Paul; Köppel, Johann; Döge, Norman; Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Mohajeri, Sharooz; Nuñez von Voigt, Tamara; Huber, Jörg; Nytsch-Geusen, Christoph; Garske, Theresa; Heiland, Stefan; Fenk, Anne; Strein, Christopher; Vocks, Martin; Schäfer, Rudolf (Editor); Nasrollahi, Farshad (Editor); Ohlenburg, Holger (Editor); Saalmann, Cornelia (Editor); Stellmacher, Florian (Editor)

Young Cities Research Paper Series

This report presents the major accomplishments of the ‘Shahre Javan Community’ pilot project as the main pilot project of the German-Iranian Young Cities research project,. ‘Shahre Javan’ is Farsi and stands for ‘Young City’. The pilot project uses an integrated planning and research process to explore aspects of energy and resource efficiency, climate and environmentally conscious solutions for urban form, architecture, landscape planning, transportation planning, water and energy management, and environmental assessment. It is about the upgraded Iranian detailed plan (‘Tarh-e Tafsili’) for a nearly 45 ha large pilot project area in the southern part of the Hashtgerd New Town, Iran. It includes innovations derived during the strategically integrative urban development and research process, in an effort to reach more climate responsive and more sustainable urban development. Thus, several of the presented solutions go above and beyond the standard content of an Iranian detailed plan. Hence, this publication does not present the or an approved formal Iranian detailed plan. Rather, it combines a reflection of research background, approach, and process with a kind of a hybrid detailed plan report which includes common Iranian detailed plan contents and new and innovative elements as well as research findings going beyond the detailed plan scale and content. Printed Version published by Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin (www.univerlag.tu-berlin.de), ISBN 978-3-7983-2451-0
Published by Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, ISBN 978-3-7983-2452-0 ISSN 2193-6102
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