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Activity-Based Computation of Marginal Noise Exposure Costs

Implications for Traffic Management

Kaddoura, Ihab; Nagel, Kai

In this paper, an innovative simulation-based approach is presented to calculate optimal dynamic, road- and vehicle-specific tolls on the basis of marginal traffic noise exposures. The proposed approach combines the advantages of an activity-based simulation with the economically optimal way of price setting. Temporal and spatial differences of traffic noise levels and population densities are considered. Moreover, noise exposures at work and educational activities are accounted for. The results of a case study for the area of Berlin showed that transport users avoided marginal noise cost payments by shifting to road stretches in areas with lower population densities, typically major roads. The simulation experiments indicated that the marginal cost approach could be used to improve the overall system welfare and to derive traffic control strategies.
Published in: Transportation Research Record, 10.3141/2597-15, SAGE Publications