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The numerical study of the influence of material parameters on the regime of adhesive wear of surface asperities

Dudkin, Ivan; Shilko, Evgeny; Dimaki, Andrey; Popov, Valentin L.

In the paper, we developed a discrete element model of adhesive interaction of materials with taking into account the “cold welding” effect. Based on this model, we carried out a detailed analysis of the factors controlling regimes of adhesive wear for elastic-plastic materials with non-ideal plasticity. We proposed an empirical criterion of transition from “breakaway” to “grinding” regime of wear. The extended form of the given criterion takes into account the dependence of material strength on hydrostatic pressure.
Published in: XXVI Conference on Numerical Methods for Solving Problems in the Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity (EPPS-2019), 10.1051/epjconf/201922101015, EDP Sciences