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Exploiting Nonlinear Photoacoustic Signal Generation in Gold Nanospheres for Selective Detection in Serial 3D PA Tomography

Schrof, Susanne; Pang, Genny; Buchmann, Jens; Laufer, Jan

The photoacoustic (PA) signal amplitude measured in gold nanosphere suspensions has been shown to increase nonlinearly with the incident excitation fluence. In this work, this effect is exploited to recover the spatial distribution of gold nanoparticles in tomographic 3D photoacoustic (PA) images against the background contrast provided by absorbers that exhibit a linear relationship between the PA signal amplitude and the fluence. Serial tomographic PA images of a tissue phantom containing gold nanospheres and a tissue-mimicking absorber were acquired. By assessing the linearity of the PA intensity voxel by voxel, the spatial distribution of the gold nanosphere suspension was recovered. The method is shown to enable the robust detection of gold nanoparticles.
Published in: Journal of Imaging, 10.3390/jimaging4120146, MDPI