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Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer Analysis in BioFlow® Bioreactor Systems

Kordas, Marian; Konopacki, Maciej; Grygorcewicz, Bartłomiej; Augustyniak, Adrian; Musik, Daniel; Wójcik, Krzysztof; Jędrzejczak-Silicka, Magdalena; Rakoczy, Rafał

Biotechnological processes involving the presence of microorganisms are realized by using various types of stirred tanks or laboratory-scale dual-impeller commercial bioreactor. Hydrodynamics and mass transfer rate are crucial parameters describing the functionality and efficiency of bioreactors. Both parameters strictly depend on mixing applied during bioprocesses conducted in bioreactors. Establishing optimum hydrodynamics conditions for the realized process with microorganisms maximizes the yield of desired products. Therefore, our main objective was to analyze and define the main operational hydrodynamic parameters (including flow field, power consumption, mixing time, and mixing energy) and mass transfer process (in this case, gas–liquid transfer) of two different commercial bioreactors (BioFlo® 115 and BioFlo® 415). The obtained results are allowed using mathematical relationships to describe the analyzed processes that can be used to predict the mixing process and mass transfer ratio in BioFlo® bioreactors. The proposed correlations may be applied for the design of a scaled-up or scaled-down bioreactors.
Published in: Processes, 10.3390/pr8101311, MDPI