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Back- and front-side texturing for light-management in perovskite / silicon-heterojunction tandem solar cells

Jošt, Matej; Albrecht, Steve; Lipovšek, Benjamin; Krč, Janez; Korte, Lars; Rech, Bernd; Topič, Marko

The perovskite / silicon-heterojunction (SHJ) tandem solar cell can theoretically overcome the efficiencies of the single junction solar cells with experimental results not far behind. Here, we use optical simulations to analyze the potential of such currently feasible monolithic perovskite / SHJ tandem devices. We consider three different device designs in the optical simulations: planar device, device built on back-side textured Si wafer, and device with textured UV Nanoimprint Lithography light management foil. For each of these three designs, the current matching point is simulated to evaluate device efficiencies. While the device with back-side textured Si wafer causes light trapping and therefore enhanced photocurrent generation for longer wavelengths, the anti-reflection foils prove to be overall more efficient as the foil significantly reduces the reflection in almost full wavelength range.
Published in: Energy Procedia, 10.1016/j.egypro.2016.11.316, Elsevier