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Bio-based products: Suggestions for ecolabel criteria and standards in line with sustainable development goals

Wurster, Simone; Ladu, Luana; Arisaktiwardhana, Dhandy

Communicating the related environmental benefits of bio-based products to consumers represents a key component of their market uptake. In this regard, the use of ecolabels ISO 14024 Type I play a crucial role. This article identifies and analyzes different criteria proposed by ecolabels for conducting a sustainability assessment of bio-based products considering its entire lifecycle. A comparison of the selected criteria with existing indicators ruled out by the SDGs is proposed. Through expert consultation, the suitability of existing ecolabel criteria for bio-based products has been tested for four applications of biobased products: food packaging from PLA; biobased automotive components; bio-based mulch film; and bio-based insulation material.
Published in: International Journal of Standardization Research, 10.4018/IJSR.2019010102, IGI Global