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FIMCAR XIV: Potential of Simulation Tools

Stein, Mathias; Puppini, Roberto; Sandqvist, Peter

For the assessment of vehicle safety in frontal collisions compatibility (which consist of self and partner protection) between opponents is crucial. The use of simulation tools is the only way to a realistic and wide coverage (w.r.t. the real accident situations that may happen on the road) of car-to-car compatibility issues with acceptable costs. This report reviews the use of Virtual Testing (VT) in today’s European vehicle and product type approval, and the on-going work for future implementation of VT in vehicle type approval and rating. The modelling requirements and validation process are discussed both regarding barrier models and car models. Combined with the experience from the use of simulation tools in the FIMCAR project, a 4-step roadmap for implementation of VT tools in the compatibility development is proposed.
Published in: FIMCAR - Frontal Impact and Compatibility Assessment Research. - ISBN 978-3-7983-2614-9, Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin